About Us

Since my teens I’ve always taken pride in what went on my feet, they not only had to compliment my outfit, but they also had to compliment my personality. As my collections of trainers and shoes grew, I found it more and more difficult to organise and take proper care of them, and as a result, a lot of them began to deteriorate. It still hurts me till this day some of the trainers and shoes I’ve lost. I vowed to never let that happen again, or happen as often. I began to look into products and solutions that will help me care for, and maintain my trainers and shoes in the best condition possible, for as long as possible. So my promise to you, whether you’re a collector or a man or woman who takes pride in their appearance, or takes pride in their belongings, Footwear Beast aims to source the best products and solutions to help you take better of your footwear. From heels to brogues, to air forces, we want you to see Footwear Beast as your one-stop-shop for your footwear care needs.

Footwear Beast is here to serve you as best as we can and to do so, we want to put some of the power in your hands. If you feel we currently do not have a product or solution that will help you take better care of your footwear, please take a minute to drop your suggestion(s) below.

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