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There’s lots to consider when it comes to investing in footwear. If you’re putting north of £100 towards a new pair of kicks, you’ll want shoes that are stylish and work with different outfits, whilst not falling apart after only a couple of wears. Luckily for you, we at Footwear Beast have done our homework, comparing every style from loafers to trainers, to help you choose the right pair. These are the most important things to bear in mind when shopping for shoes.


Durability (Out of 10) –

At Footwear Beast we want you to love your shoes and part of that is building a long-lasting relationship with them! For you to do this, they need to last for a decent length of time. That’s why we rate durability. We want you to know how long your bond can last with that SPECIAL pair of footwear!

Style (Out of 10) –

Here at Footwear Beast, we know you love style. We know you want your footwear to look great. We know you want your footwear to be unique, so we rate the style including exclusivity of all the trainers displayed on our site, so you know what we think of them!

Value for money (Out of 10) –

Value is paramount when choosing footwear. We want you to be getting the best value for what you spend, that’s why we have our compare button! We also assign all footwear a value for money score.

Versatility (Out of 10) –

Here at Footwear Beast, we know you want to wear your footwear with different outfits, so we score the footwear on our site on its ability to do so. Now you don’t have to worry about using your imagination in the mirror of a cramped retail store, you can just trust our BEAST rating instead!

Comfort (Out of 10) –

Well last but not least is comfort At Footwear Beast comfort is key. So we rate your footwear in regards to that too! We even evaluate the pain of breaking them in! Fantastic isn’t it?

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