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Nike Presto – Beast Rating Review

Durability (Out of 10) - 6/10

When it comes durability, the Nike Presto’s get scrutinised a lot. People typically say they have a shelf life of no longer than 7 months. Just 7 months. Wow. I have pairs of socks that last longer than that. I’ve had my Flyknit Presto’s for over a year now, and yet my pair are still going strong. To be honest they’re almost in the same condition as I first bought them and I’ve worn my Presto’s A LOT since I bought them. The only thing I have noticed recently is the structural integrity of the outsole by the front, however, it is very faint. If I have to be honest, the wider the split becomes on the outsole, those Presto’s are done out here!

Style (Out of 10) - 7.5/10

When it comes to the design of the Nike Presto you really have to give the trainer it’s props., No matter what angle you look from they just look unapologetically sexy (ha I didn’t know how else to describe them). The classic and sleek design really give the wearer the confidence to experiment with their style as it is such a versatile trainer.

Value for money (Out of 10) - 7.5/10

The average retail price for the Nike Presto is about £80 depending on what retailer you buy from. This can be considered quite pricey but the pro’s definitely outweighed the con’s, making this trainer worth the price tag. Also, when compared to other light-weight that is just as good yet sell for £160-£170 (cough Vapormax) you are grabbing a bargain.

Versatility (Out of 10) - 7/10

As mentioned above the Nike Presto is quite a versatile trainer, and speaking from experience I have definitely put this trainer to the test. The look I quite enjoyed the most was the comfortable smart-casual look. The attire consisted of V-taper trousers, a tucked Oxford shirt and a leather jacket. This look has not failed me yet! The best thing was the following day I was wearing the same Presto with a slim-fit tracksuit. Basically, you can’t go wrong, the ideal trainer that lets you do both.

Comfort (Out of 10) - 8/10

Hands down, the Nike Presto are one of the comfortable trainers on the market. These trainers have been placed on a pedestal because of its ultra-lightweight feel and toe wiggling flexibility. It wouldn’t be a Nike trainer if it didn’t have its well-respected air cushioning system, which over time adapts the wearer’s feet providing the optimal support. The only let down of the trainer is its lack of protection against everyday or common scenarios. Because of its simple and minimalist design, believe me, you’re going to feel everyone toe trub and fallen object. Nike did try to combat this by incorporating the rubber guards at heel and toe. But with all that said, we need to bear in mind that the Nike Presto was designed for running, so sacrifices had to be made, we feel for the better.

Overall Beast Rating - 7.2

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