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Summer shoes you need for 2021

Summer is fast approaching! That means making sure you have a few essential shoes that you need this summer. So to help you get off to a good start, we’ve put together a list of our 5 footwear favourites. We don’t recommend purchasing everything on the list but we think 2 or 3 shoes are good enough depending on your budget. When you are deciding, we believe these three factors are important; what’s easy to wear, casual and trendy, and stylish and fashionable.

White Nike Air Force 1​

All white nike air force 1

The holy grail of all summertime shoes has to be the white Nike Air Force 1s. It’s no coincidence that Nike sells over 10 million pairs each year, and it’s no surprise why because when the sun reflects off the white leather, it can look like you have two bright light bulbs for feet. For a simple shoe, you cannot go wrong with a fresh pair, no matter the attire. That’s another great thing about the shoe, is how versatile it is, you can dress or dress down and it won’t look out of place. The standard retail price for a pair of Low White Air Force1s is £90 for all retailers, such as Foot Asylum, JD Sports and Footlocker. Not cheap but not as expensive as other shoes you would pay to get the same feeling.


birkenstocks arizona

If you’re not familiar with Birkenstocks, then we’ll get you up to speed. The brand is a shoe manufacturer known for its unique sandals. The brand is famously known for its contoured cork footbed, which moulds to the wearer’s feet over time, making it more comfortable to wear the more you wear them. It’s more common to see women wear Birkenstocks but don’t let that dishearten the men, the cork sandals look just as good on men as they do the women. Naturally, the sandals are perfect for beaches, parks, BBQs, or quirky summer events. The common retail price for the sandals can vary from £35 – £135, it’s obvious to say that the premium fabrics and materials are used on the high-end sandal, but with that said the quality and durability doesn’t differ.


suede loafers

This suggestion would be the odd one in the listicle, but still very relevant for summertime footwear. It can’t be trainers for every occasion, there will be summer outings where you need to switch up the attire to fit a more mature crowd. Depending on how you’re feeling you can compliment the loafers with either chino shorts, chino trousers or even jeans if you want a more casual look. Loafers are not just restricted to men, women loafers would go great with a summer dress, shirt and jeans. The retail price can vary massively depending on what retailer or brand you buy them from. Goes without saying, the price typically will reflect the quality. For the affordable end of the spectrum, you can go to retailers such as Office, Schuh or Aldo, which provide very good quality footwear. If you are more brand-centric, you can purchase designer loafers from well-known department stores such as Selfridges, House of Fraser or Harrods.


vans checkerboard old skool

Just my opinion, but for affordable footwear, I would have to say Vans have a variety of designs that go well for summer, the styles that come to mind are; Vans Old Skool’s, Vans Slip-ons and the Van Eras but for this article, we’ll focus on the Old Skools. Despite being a shoe designed for skateboarders they have a universal appeal, which makes this shoe so versatile. They go well with shorts (with no socks), jeans (ankle cuts or not) and chino trousers (ankle cuts or not). Another great thing about these Van or Vans in general, they come in an array of colourways, so depending on how you’re feeling that day, you can go from subdued to eccentric, so there’s no doubt you can find a pair to match whatever style your mind can conceive. You can purchase these shoes either from the Vans store or from respected retailers like Office, Schuh, JD Sports, Foot Asylum or Footlocker. The retail price can vary from £60-70 in common retail outlets, however, Van’s do collaborate with other brands and these colourways can typically vary depending on the brand and the exclusivity. Read our article on sneaker raffles.

Dior B22

Dior B22

The Dior B22s have gained tremendous popularity over the past few years, due to its upscale take on the thriving trend of the chunky sole unit, as well as its direct and indirect endorsements from people of influence. Despite the social hype around the shoe, the B22s have been well crafted, with the leather component being made from calfskin, give you the soft leather feel but high durability for trepid and harsh conditions, as well as abrasion. And it’s no secret but the technical mesh provides flexibility in movement and breathable for the wearer for foot ventilation. Not a common designer shoe but these have been designed to easily go with a sporty and contemporary look in mind, which makes the shoe versatile. With that said, the only downside is that the show is designed quite narrow and it is quite a heavy shoe, but that’s a typical designer shoe trait that is common. With shoe manufactured in Italy, using premium fabrics and materials, you can already assume this is going to have a hefty price tag. These shoes will set you back £940 at retail price and that should be standard across retail stores, department store or from the Dior themselves.

Let me us in the common below or through Instagram (@footwearbeast), what your summer shoes are for this year. We look forward to seeing what the favourites are amongst the summertime vibers.

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