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Tips and tricks on how to prevent or remove creases from your trainers

One of the most disheartening things a trainer owner can experience is the sight of seeing creases develop. As much as you know it’s inevitable amongst leather trainers, it’s still a punched in the gut feeling when you see the first indent. The purpose of this blog post is not to provide a magical ointment to reverse the effects. If it was I would be a millionaire right now. Instead, it’s to provide tips on how to prolong the effects as long as possible.

Get Yourself a Shoe Tree

The simple shoe tree stretcher has been around for decades and goes under the radar as a proven way to prolong the effects of creases. The shoe tree works by stretcher the leather which to stops creases from forming, but most importantly maintains the original shape of the trainer.

The shoe tree is a very easy tool to use. All you have to do is place the shoe mould inside at the front of the trainer, where you place your toes, adjust the end of the coil to neatly rest inside the heel of the trainer, and whala. We recommend using the shoe tree within the first ten minutes of taking off your trainers and leave within your trainers for up to 24 hours for the shoe tree to take effect.

The Hot Iron Method

The hot iron method is a tactic I’ve seen trialled, tested and preached by a lot of sneakerheads as a way to getting rid those deep formed creases. Before attempting such a bearing task I strongly advise you know exactly what you’re doing so there is no lasting damage to yourself or the trainer, as it does involve a hot iron. To help with this process I have listed out the common steps sneakerheads have followed when doing the iron method. Following these steps will not guarantee the removal of creases or that your trainers will not be damaged in the process. So follow these steps at your own risk.

  1. Stuff the trainer – to make the creases more susceptible to the hot iron we to elevate the points we want to focus on, and a simple way of doing that is to stuff the inside the trainer tightly. To do this we would recommend using socks, as you can fill them up to raise the creases more.
  2. Place a towel over the area – once you’ve stuffed the trainer tightly and the creased area is raised, place a towel over the area you wish to apply heat too. I strongly recommend using a good quality white towel. Using a cheap coloured towel increases the risk of the colour transferring from the towel to the trainer when the heat is applied or the risk of damaging your iron.
  3. Apply the heat – with step 1 and 2 done, the final step is to apply the heat. I would advise that you make sure that there is sufficient amount of water in the iron before starting, I would recommend to fill it half way just to be on the safe side. Now take the iron and gently apply it to the area of focus, go back and forth over the area as you normally would when ironing your clothes. Check to see how it is working by peeling away the towel to see, repeat the process until you are happy with the results.

Other Things You Can Do

Tip number 1 – Don’t wear your leather trainers every day. Whenever I mention this, it’s always the most unliked option, as the whole reason for buying a pair of trainers is to flaunt and floss them. But if you are not keen on paying £3.99 on a pair of shoe trees or don’t want to risk the iron method, then you have no choice but to be selective or try alternative methods. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your trainers will never see the light of day, but it does mean you’ll need to be conscious of how often you wear them.

Tip number 2 – This should be a no brainer but avoid wearing your trainers in harsh weather conditions, like snow or rain. Why? Well, while leather is a very durable material, it is also very absorbent to liquids and if an excessive amount has been soaked up it can compromise the strength of the material. It is at this point where the leather is more prone to wear and tear, making it easier for creases to form. You can use water resistance solutions like Crep Protect to minimise the water damage. Check our blog on how to protect your trainers.

Tip number 3 – You could use a Crease Stoppers. A Crease Stopper is a thin plastic foot mould that you place inside your trainers while you wear them. The purpose of the Crease Stoppers is to stop excessive bending of the foot to reduce the chance of creases forming. Does exactly what it says on the tin right! However, despite being very effective, there is a trade-off, and that my fellow sneakerheads is comfort. Due to the nature of the material used, it will pinch, it will rub, and your feet will be sore.

sneaker shields crease stoppers
Sneaker Shield Crease Stopper

That’s it! that’s our advice to you on how to prevent or stop creases from ruining your trainers faster than they should. But let us know your tips and tricks on how to prevent creases, just leave a comment below or tell through social media.

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